160 Hour CDL A Course

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Truck America Training’s 160 hour CDL A program is designed for the student to obtain the necessary skills to pursue a career in the transportation trucking industry as an over-the-road, regional, dedicated or local driver.

160 hour CDL A Training course- truck america training
The first week is classroom based. You will get preparation in getting your CDL A permit and start to learn the basics of safe driving. Expect reading through provided CDL textbooks, practice quizzes, tests, instructional videos, mapping, logging, safety procedures, and hands on introduction to the truck.
160 hour CDL A Training - Truck America Training
A Pre-Trip & In Cab is not only necessary to pass your CDL A Exam, but it is essential for learning the basics of your rig and recognizing if and when there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Believe it or not, this is one of the most difficult portions for most CDL A students! We work closely with our students to ease the stress of the Pre-Trip & In-Cab.
160 hour CDL A Training - truck america training
You will focus on straight line backing, offset backing and parallel backing. These maneuvers are required by the KSP to pass your CDL Exam, and they are essentials in starting your new driving career.
160 hour CDL A Training - truck america training
You will learn to shift while traveling local roads, city streets and nearby highways. You will learn right and left hand turns, merging, proper space management and safety techniques that will help you for years to come. We teach students to drive a manual transmission truck so they do not come out of the school with a restricted license. Some companies will turn away potential driving candidates with an Automatic Restricted license.
160 Hour CDL A Training - Truck America Training graduation
You will use the knowledge you learned to pass the CDL A State Exam, then……Graduation!

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