Post 9/11 Letter of Eligibility

Post 9/11 Letter of Eligibility 2019-06-14T13:43:47+00:00

First, gather the documents/information that you will need:

  • Social Security number
  • Bank Account Direct Deposit Information
  • DD214
  • Basic Information about the school you want to attend (Truck America Training, 1800 East Blue Lick Road, Shepherdsville, KY  40165, Phone# 502-955-6388)

To apply:

  • Go to
  • Educational Benefits>Educational Benefits>Application Process
  • Scroll down to “Select Correct Form”

If you HAVE NOT used your educational benefits before or you used them as Montgomery GI benefits, click on “Apply for New Benefit”.  This should take you to form 22-1990.  If you HAVE used your Post 911 educational benefits before, click on “Updating my current educational benefits”.  This should take you to form 22-1995.  The Letter of Eligibility will be mailed directly to you in approximately 3-4 weeks.  Please present the Letter of Eligibility to our school as soon as you have it.

Speeding up the Process:  Once you have filled out the form (22-1990 or 22-1995), right BEFORE you submit the form, print out the form and present it to our school.  My understanding is that if you don’t print it out before, it won’t let you print it.  Also print out the confirmation notice after submitting.  After about 2 days, I should be able to verify your benefits so that you can get started as soon as possible.  I have to have a printout of the verification form for this to work.

Even though this training only lasts 3 ½ weeks, the training will use 59 days of eligibility. You will get a housing stipend for the time you are in school of $1016.40.  You may not get this until after you graduate.  You normally get it about the time we get paid, about 3-4 weeks after we bill it.  We bill VA after you have passed your drug screen. 

Note:  Your Post 911 Benefits will cover all of the tuition (if you have 100% eligibility) but they DO NOT COVER the up to $600 in fees or hotel expense (if needed).  Fees include DOT Physical, DOT Drug Screen, Permitting and Licensing fees, Background checks, etc.