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Thousands of CDL A Drivers Since 2001

Our story started in 2001 when we were opened in Shepherdsville, KY by a couple who was rooted in trucking. But Truck America is not just a ‘mom and pop CDL Shop.’ Using their expertise and connections they had forged in the industry, they formed Truck America, perfected our course offerings and training techniques to become a leading CDL A School in the Louisville area.

Thousands of CDL drivers later, the story of Truck America continued, and the school was purchased by a Southern Indiana transportation leader, David Summitt, in 2017. Dave has been a trucking company owner for over 30 years, with his current trucking company, Summitt Trucking, having been open since 2003 in Clarksville, Indiana.

But don’t worry, although we are owned by an owner with a trucking company, you can work wherever you want to work! We have remained true to Truck America’s original set up as a NO CONTRACT training company. You do not have to work for our parent company. In fact, we prefer you find the company that is the right fit for you.

“Big Dog Truck Driver Training”

Big Dog Truck Driving School , shepherdsville, KY
Learn to Run With The Dogs at Truck America Training

The original owners used the phrase “Learn to Run With The Big Dogs” early in the school’s existence – and it stuck! It’s on all our tractor trailers and any original marketing material the previous owners created. Even though you may not see the phrase as much in our new facility, we have never stopped training new truck drivers to run with the big dogs!

Although our official name is Truck America Training, and has always been our name since the school’s inception in 2001; people still often call and ask us if we are ‘Big Dog Truck Driver Training’. To answer their question, “No we are not, but we teach you to run with the big dogs!”

To this day, you can still dial 1-866-BIG-DOGG and get our main office line. Don’t believe us? Give it a try!

Ready to Run With The Big Dogs? Apply to start school now or call us: 1-866-BIG-DOGG

Why Truck America Training for your CDL A Training Needs?

Truck America Training Student testimonial
Truck America Training Student testimonial
  • A seasoned staff with years of experience. You will find from our Admissions Advisors to our CDL Instructors, we all have years of industry experience. We have been told often by graduates we act like a family and treat our students like part of the family.
  • Because we are not part of a corporate company, we have the flexibility to adjust our training to meet ever-changing industry standards. We offer training in a relaxed and fun environment, while keeping safety and training top-of-mind.
  • With our parent company’s resources, we get the benefit of utilizing Summitt Trucking and Summitt Trucking’s connections to stay ahead of not just the training side of the industry, but the actual trucking and transportation side of the industry.
  • We have in house financing options, with options for $0 down upfront available to qualified candidates. We are transparent and upfront about all our training and related costs. You will not be tied down to any specific company with our no contract CDL A Training.
  • Our caring and knowledgeable staff offers Job Placement services to graduates to ensure they find a company that is the right fit.

About Our Owner

David L. Summitt, President & Owner of Summitt Trucking, LLC. and Truck America Training of KY., LLC, brings over 35 years of experience and expertise to the transportation industry. Due to his integrity, strategic planning, and business development, Summitt’s customer roster reads like a “who’s who” of major corporations.

Whether launching a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment or re-energizing tried and true methods, Dave’s practices have led to consistently reach peak goals and accomplishments for our customers, vendors, and employees.

Since its inception, Summitt has managed to capture the attention and earn the trust of some of the most respected corporations in the nation. The reasons are obvious, and Summitt Trucking’s record speaks for itself.

People believe in Dave’s companies for a reason—we build trusted partnerships. It is through these partnerships that we can understand customer needs. We understand that your goals and objectives are real, that budgets are finite, and that your success depends on our execution of our services.

Our Parent Company

Truck America’s parent company, Summitt Trucking, LLC.