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Make Great Pay + Benefits with a CDL A Career – Your Tireless Search For A Job Ends Here. Ger Your CDL A To Start A New Career with Great Pay And Benefits.

Earning Potential for a CDL A Driver

The companies recruiting from our school are hiring students making $55K+ in their first year of driving. As these are only the beginning industry average wages, the opportunity to make a lot more is definitely there.

“The median salary for a truckload driver…. was over $53,000…. A private fleet driver saw their pay rise to more than $86,000..”

American Trucking Association: “New Survey Data Reveals Increases in Driver Compensation”, March 27, 2018

The American Trucking Association reports that driver pay for an irregular route driver has increased 15% since 2013, with their reported average salary of $53K. ATA also reports that private fleet drivers saw their pay increase 18% since 2013 from $73,000 to $86,000 (See this article and related study on the American Trucking Association site).

Additionally, many trucking companies give annual and semi-annual raises along with safety bonuses, loyalty bonuses, higher pay for trainers, and great benefit packages. What is your current salary?

What Our Graduates Have To Say:

“I doubled my income”
“I most definitely make more money than my past job! I love it!”
“Truck America Training changed my financial situation. I’m doing much better now that I have a career that makes good money.”