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About Truck America Training

Mission Statement

The mission of Truck America Training is to train safe and competent truck drivers. We will always put safety first when training and evaluating our students. There is a huge demand for qualified truck drivers and we will ensure that our curriculum, training methods, equipment, facilities, instructors, management, staff, policies and procedures stay current with the highest standards set forth by Federal and State regulating agencies and the needs of the transportation industry, carriers and students. We will work directly with each individual student and their individual circumstances and needs on becoming a student, financing tuition, training and job placement so that they may have a higher standard of living after graduation.

About Us

At TAT we train you to obtain more than your CDL, which means you have passed the minimum skills and knowledge tests concerning the type of equipment you will be operating, we train you on everything you need to know beyond that to become a Professional Truck Driver.

Our only business is to train people to become Truck Drivers, so we are completely focused on this. As a private school we are independent, therefore we are flexible and can adapt immediately to stay up to date. We are also able to offer personalized assistance, small class sizes and individual mentoring. We give you advice about the next step and provide job placement and career planning assistance before, during and after graduation. We offer a variety of high quality training programs. Our instructors have years of experience; there are no student trainers; there is extensive hands-on behind the wheel driving time; and we offer the least amount of observation time possible and only for the purposes of demonstration and initial practice. Classes start every other Monday and can be completed in three weeks. We also offer weekend classes and refresher training.

Everyone who works here, our staff and instructors, are proud of the quality of assistance and instruction TAT has to offer and because of this we are able to offer a fun and relaxed environment in which safety still remains number one priority. Former students are always coming back to talk to us about their jobs, share truck driving stories, compare experiences and show their appreciation to us and we are committed to you and your growth even after graduation.

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